Design and programming mobile applications

Creating a mobile application, whether you are a former entrepreneur or you are about to start your new project, in both cases, you cannot ignore the progress of mobile applications. That is why webaxus offers you its latest technology in programming an Arabi mobile application.

the design

Create a mobile application with various designs according to the customer's request

In this step, webaxus proposes the stages of creating a mobile application project with the design of a sample of the application, where after completion it is presented to a sample of users to be used by them and send their feedback about the form, usually we show the form to the project owner to be used by him and to ensure that the basic requirements are met that have been agreed upon and also to send us his comments to be taken into account when designing the final application, so that the design must be characterized by the following:

The programming

Customized software add-ons and the customer's desire to create a mobile application

Now in this step, webaxus offers you the offer to create the final mobile application, after developing the interfaces and programming the application functions and linking them together, and making sure that the data is communicated and communicated with the database and server of the application, according to your desire and the specializations of your application, to finally appear in its final form and with the help of the appsmad team According to many criteria, including:

App Store

Upload your app to the app stores with all the requirements in a professional way

When testing the application and making sure that it is free from technical problems, the application is approved in its final form by webaxus and after approval by the customer, and thus becomes ready for publication, the application is published through the appropriate store for it either through the Google store for Android applications and the Apple store for iPhone applications And this is step by step in order to take a good position in the search words and thus:

Tips and instructions

Tips and guides to help you spread and market the app

It’s not enough just to create a mobile app. Mobile app marketing is just as important. There are nearly 1,500,000 apps in the market. How can you make sure the app you’ve created gets the attention it deserves? How do you turn the stop light on in your app and make people go crazy because of your hard work? This is what webaxus guarantees you through several stages:

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